At Titan we strive to provide the most comprehensive selection of choices available at competitive prices. We focus on value, quality, and excellent service. With more than 30 years of industry experience we aim to broaden our customers' celebratory experiences!

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The Titan Collection


Great selection, pricing, and customer service. I've ordered several times and found everyone I've worked with to be extremely helpful and courteous.

Mark J.

You guys are terrific. I had a small issue with an order and you rectified the situation immediately, going above and beyond to make it right. I will be ordering again soon. I happily recommend Titan to my friends and family. Keep it up!

M. Walsh

I wanted to reach out and thank William and the support team for being so helpful when FedEx neglected to provide any insight as to why my parcel had been repeatedly delayed/undelivered. After much back and forth, the client informed me that they had recently moved, and the address would need to be changed. William was very responsive and compassionate about the difficulties experienced with this particular shipment. I felt my concerns were heard and he put in great effort contacting FedEx from his end to try to resolve the issue, and keep me updated on the status. I thought I'd send an email your way to say thanks! (My other shipments went very smoothly!)

Courtney J.